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Book Title: Adventures with Mr. Steve & The Grasshopper

Author: Bobby Mardis 



Mr. Steve, a beloved P.E. teacher, inspires his children to reach for higher heights and work through problems that arise when choosing the right project to present at this year’s S.T.E.M. science fair.


To ensure each student “gives it their all” and to even the playing field with their classmates, Mr. Steve gives four under-motivated students a pep talk that instills confidence in themselves to participate in the fair. Mr. Steve tells the students a story about grasshoppers that freely roamed the forest.


One day the grasshoppers were caught and placed in a jar. They gave up hope of ever hopping freely through the fields and experiencing true happiness again. Until…one resilient grasshopper came up with a plan to set himself and his fellow grasshoppers free.


Mr. Steve notices that Lillie, a little girl who stays to herself wasn’t interested in the science fair. Lillie just wasn’t aware that she had special abilities to create mechanical apparatuses. Mr. Steve notices that she has rigged a device in her lunch pail to automatically feed herself Cheetos as she reads her books.


Mr. Steve encourages her to use her special abilities and her imagination to participate in the school’s science fair. Lillie was so motivated by the grasshopper story until she used her ingenuity to create the best science project that anyone has ever seen.

Book Title: In Pursuit of the Pale Prince

Author: Mark Wallace Maguire



5,000 years ago in the place you call northern Europe, the magic has left the world and The Pale Prince tries to rally his kingdoms as the Southwen invade. A boy hundreds of miles away finds a lost crown that can unite them. But there is sea and desert and deep wood to travel. And danger. For the Southwen seek the crown as well. Are you with him?

Author Biography:

Mark Wallace Maguire is a Kindle best-selling author of several books, including the highly-praised Alexandria Rising Chronicles. He is a 2017 Independent Author of the Year Finalist and a 2017 Georgia Author of The Year nominee. He is also an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared in dozens of magazines and newspapers at home and abroad. He's been honored by several organizations, including The Associated Press, Georgia Sportswriter's Association, Georgia Poetry Society, Georgia Sportswriter's Association and Society of Professional Journalists. In 2005, he was named Berry College Outstanding Young Alumni of The Year.

Book Title: Positively Georgia: The Motivational Tale of a Unique Airedale

Author: Elizabeth Ferris


Meet Georgia, a bright-eyed and furry tailed Airedale Terrier with a very positive outlook on life.


Positively Georgia will inspire you to dream and challenge you to remember your unique potential. It will encourage you to focus your good energy and create great things. Share your gifts with the world like Georgia. This book was created to bring positive thoughts to children (and parents) of all ages!

Book Title: The Sunflower Story

Author: John Spagnoli 


The Sunflower Story is rooted in American history. Originally, the sunflower thrived throughout North America. In my book, farmers must battle the diseases and insects of this indigenous plant.


Growing plants requires the right soil, temperature, and luck. Genetic hybrids have been developed that help farmers' production in USA and overseas. Through diversification, the sunflower continues to flourish and bring delight to boys and girls.


For Early Readers and All Ages.

Book Title: The Sunflower Story

Author: John Spagnoli 


The Sunflower Story is rooted in American history. Originally, the sunflower thrived throughout North America. In my book, farmers must battle the diseases and insects of this indigenous plant.


Growing plants requires the right soil, temperature, and luck. Genetic hybrids have been developed that help farmers' production in USA and overseas. Through diversification, the sunflower continues to flourish and bring delight to boys and girls.


For Early Readers and All Ages.


Book Title: Beating the System

Author: Marquis Williams

Some stories can reach into our hearts and tear at them with an unrelenting force, and others delve deep into our subconscious and leave an indelible mark on it. Sometimes these stories come with an unremitting feeling of hopelessness and sadness that knows no end, while others deliver nuances of anticipation that there is still some good in the world.


The book "Beating The System: My Life in the Foster Care," is the story about Marquis Williams and his turbulent childhood, as he tried desperately to figure out society while never knowing his father and having to deal with the consequences of violent outbursts from an unpredictable mother. Torn from his siblings and grandmother at the age of eight, then continuously relocated from one foster home to another,


Marquis found his life almost echoing that of his wayward mother, with only the joy of the game of basketball to soothe the agonies and confusion he endured. Read his story, from an introverted kid who just wanted to have a healthy life, to a well-adjusted adult making the right decisions. The book Beating The System will challenge us all to take a more in-depth look at underserved children and reflect on what we can do to help make a difference in other's lives, all while simultaneously changing our preconceptions of the Foster Care System.


Book Title: Ana and Her Sis (Bad News Book 1)

Author: Marco Correa

Illustrator: Pinake Ghosh 

Illustrator: Mithun Roy

Editor: Amora Correa 

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Based on two girls who show their intense characters every day, Ana and Her Sis is a thrilling comic. This fiction series tells the story of two supersisters who use their powers to save the day! This time they are fighting a personal battle. Rachel is in danger! Help Ana save her sister by fighting against Dr. BadNews and his evil thunder powers.


Author: Cody L Clark

Title: Lucky Dogs: Shake Paws

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Just when Mayor Ruby thought Dogwood was the quietest town on the planet, she discovers an uproar of emotion from the residents. Wiley, the new snout in town has created the friction. It is up to Mayor Ruby to pull Dogwood back together!

Book Title: A Journey into Space

Author: Amar Bhatti

The 6-year old author started writing books when he was at school. His first book was non-fiction. It was called space. He likes writing because if one is bored or feeling sad it cheers them up and it gets the mind working!


The author notes that "books are good" because one can read fiction and or non-fiction to get ideas to write about. The author is inspired when writing because it is so much fun. One can write about football, dancing, or singing; most importantly, one can write about anything. Amar Bhatti aged 6 years wrote this book in 2019.

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  1. ​Amazon (paperback)

    1. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1082583790

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    1. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07VQW5TLJ

  3. Smashwords (ebook)

    1. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/950585

  4. iTunes (ebook)

    1. https://books.apple.com/gb/book/a-journey-into-space/id1474391693?mt=11&app=itunes

  5. Kobo (ebook)

    1. https://www.kobo.com/gb/en/ebook/a-journey-into-space-2

  6. Barnes & Noble (ebook)

    1. https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/a-journey-into-space-amar-bhatti/1132678562?ean=2940163290000

Website: www.ajourneyintospace.com

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Book Title: Tojo meets Nelly (Tojo and Nelly's Cat Tales Book 1)


Tojo the cat has a lovely life, so why does he feel so lonely?


When his life is finally enriched with his new companion Nelly, his loneliness disappears, becoming invigorated with joy! This tale of change, rivalry and friendship will warm the hearts of readers from all walks of life.


Tojo Meets Nelly is the first book within series #1 of "Tojo and Nelly Cat Tales." Buy it now and please tell a friend!

Web: http://www.tojoandnellyscattales.com/
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Author: Tamara Forge

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Book Title: Campus Explorers: The Search for Osceola and Renegade


Where are Osceola & Renegade?

That's the question every Seminole fan is asking today. Become an explorer as you discover the traditions of Florida State University. Search through campus landmarks to locate the missing pair again so they can lead the Noles on to another win!

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Authors: Jon Smith Stuart Santos



About: by Alexis Patjane is an incredible story, with interesting details happening in a very deep and creative universe. This book is for anyone but especially for teenagers who are looking for a new adventure leading up to an amazing ending.


Book Excerpt: 

I stood up to continue running.
Suddenly something fell from the sky right in front of me making the ground shake.

It was something big, I could feel it, but the impact lifted a cloud of sand so it was impossible for me to see.
I stood up quickly and stood still, waiting for the sand to settle.
The object was beginning to be visible.
Once the sand returned to its place, I stared with shock at what was in front of me.
I gulped with fear.

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Author: Axel Pat

Email: alex_patjane92@hotmail.com

Book Title: Handbook of Us


Author: Matteo Musso

Book Description: Matteo guides us through his world after almost 12 years of silence. His trapped intelligence released, he shares amazing insights on love, God, finding happiness and the gifts of autism. Through a miraculous discovery, Matteo’s mother was finally able to communicate with her son, exposing a well of intelligence and heart way beyond her imagination. Here, Matteo’s first book, is the light and culmination of locked up thoughts and messages. His messages are enlightening to say the least, about life, love, autism, and God. This book is filled with laughter and joy written letter by letter on a letter board straight from Matteo's heart to the reader. He gives incredible insight and tips on raising and befriending an autistic child or autistic adult.


One of his favorite messages is of love and the most insightful message is: Assume intelligence.

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Author: Matteo Musso

Book Title: 20 ways to implement social-emotional learning in your classroom

Book Description: 20 ways to implement social-emotional learning in your classroom is written by an educational coach and 5-time black belt master trainer Ka’ren Minasian. You will gain practical strategies for teaching social-emotional learning (SEL) in your classroom, and help your students maintain positive relationships, be more responsible, self-aware, respectful and contributing citizens of society. You’ll find easy to follow lessons and activities that will give you the tools to positively transform your classroom while Boosting Class Morale & Academic Achievement. 

Category: Education & Teaching, Schools & Teaching, Education Theory, and Educational Psychology

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Other Links: www.stormprogram.com

Author: Ka'Ren Minasian

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Book Title: Love Poems

Love Poems is a collection of romantic poetry about intense feelings of deep affection and spiritual enlightenment. Love Poems takes the reader on a sublime journey to experience written imagery and visual art. The reader is guided to a life-changing perspective about love and how everyone is connected by it.

Tony B. Beizaee, D.M.D., is a passionate innovator who has held multiple roles through his life, from dentist and entrepreneur to abstract artist and author. His unwavering dedication to philanthropy has earned him the reputation as an ambassador of positive change and a compassionate community leader. Ultimately, Tony is driven by five key principles: integrity, spirituality, growth, love, and compassion. Combining these cornerstones, he serves as a devout advocate for the Jewish Voice, with Mission to awaken people to their God-given greatness. His ultimate aspiration is to create a legacy that will positively impact people generations to come.

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Category: Art-History-romantic

Tony B. Beizaee, D.M.D

Book Title: A Chance to Be Normal


As twelve-year-old Koywan navigates the school day, he endures a lot of stress. He's the butt of everyone's jokes, has only a few friends, and being chosen last on teams is a weekly event. But having to ride the bus and deal with the jokers and pranksters is the worst. 

He anticipates the sassy words of his worst enemy, Suzie Johnson. As if enduring his classmates jokes during the school hours isn't bad enough, Suzie's sharp words put the bitter icing on what has already been a bad day. He keeps his cool while Suzie throws insult after insult at him until she moves to the next person; few are exempt from her nastiness. Unfortunately for Koywan, his insults last longer, and he seems to be Suzies prime target. Koywan is frustrated by the bus drivers lack of concern.

The best part of his day is getting home and spending time with Grandma Lillian who always knows the right things to say. Although her words are old-fashioned and out of date for a twelve-year-old kid, they still mean a lot. But when Koywan needs advice from someone his age, his best friend, John, is there to help him brainstorm. And that's what they do: concoct a plan to help Koywan get Suzie off his back, to fit in at school, and to have a chance to be normal. Buy it now and please tell a friend!

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Author: Koywan Keyes

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